24 hours in Charlotte, NC

We spent the past 24 hours in Charlotte, NC visiting friends. We were there primarily to visit my best friend from high school, but we also hung out with some of his friends who I also met at his wedding. My friend, who’s name is also Mike, lived about 5 doors down from me from 6th grade – 12th grade. During that time we did almost everything together from playing football, hockey, or video games. We had our arguments from time to time, but for the most part it was good times. We also hung out quite a bit during his college years, but we started to lose touch as we grew up and took on personal responsibilities. Once he moved to Charlotte and all his contact information changed, we totally lost touch for over 10 years. This is one of those instances where I’m really thankful for Facebook; we might have never reunited if it wasn’t for that. When we finally caught back up last year, it was almost spooky because we fell right back into our friendship like we just saw each other yesterday.

Since he lives on the other side of the country, we don’t get to hang out that often, but it’s definitely cool when we do. We’re both married and “all grown up” now, but we definitely have a long history that will never be taken away. Since we are out on the road RVing right now, we got to stop by his house in Charlotte, NC for the first time. We were only in Charlotte for 24 hours, but it was enough time to have a great dinner, visit a local bar, and have breakfast. We also got to introduce our dog to his two dogs and they played quite a bit in his backyard.

One of the funniest moments of the trip came when our German Shepherd, Bobby, saw his first cat. The cat had been indoors while the dogs were playing in the backyard. Before we came in, my friend’s wife (Noelle) picked up the cat to ensure our dog didn’t go crazy running after it. However, what came next was a little unexpected. When Bobby got close to their cat, even though it was in the shelter of friendly hands, it started freaking out. The cat was struggling as hard has it could to get out of Noelle’s hands and finally succeeded after it clawed the crap out of her arms. A frantic chase ensued from her arms, to the Christmas tree, then back across the room, up on the sofa, on a picture frame, and finally on a curtain rod near the ceiling (picture below). During the 15 seconds while all this was happening, it was like something out of a movie. Things were falling down all over the place, but somehow nothing broke. You kind of had to be there, but it was quite the scene.

Scared Cat

Scared Cat

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  1. Hahaha! Love the picture! The cat has finally come out of her hiding place after laying low for a couple days. It was definitely a funny scene now that we know everyone and everything is ok :) Really good to see you guys! Safe travels!


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