3 Months In Washington DC

In my last blog post I mentioned how I was on my way to Washington DC to spend the summer. Well, June, July, and August flew by in a blink of an eye, but it was an eventful and fun 3 months…

Summer In Washington DC

My wife and I rented a house in an absolutely amazing location in Cleveland Park just a couple minute walk to the Metro and dozens of restaurants. We were also a short walk to the Uptown Movie Theater, Rock Creek Park Trails, and other shops. To say it was a convenient location is an understatement. It took almost the entire 3 months, but we managed to try every restaurant in the Cleveland Park area.

My favorite restaurants turned out to be:

Ardeo Bardo




Byblos Deli

Out of the Cleveland Park area Founding Farmers took my favorite restaurant prize.

We also attended several events over the summer:

3 Washington Nationals baseball games

Sugarland at JiffyLube Live

Alan Jackson at WolfTrap

Roger Waters The Wall at Verizon Center

Adams Family at Kennedy Center

Memphis at Kennedy Center

The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs at Woolly Mammoth Theatre

Beauty and The Beast at National Theater

CitiOpen Tennis Tournament at Rock Creek Park Tennis Center

Martina McBride at WolfTrap

Sheer Madness at Kennedy Center

We also went to the National Zoo, Air and Space Museum, American History Museum, Natural History Museum, National Archives, Arlington National Cemetery, and walked around The Mall several times.

So, if I was culturally starved before, this filled that void. I’ll miss the amazing cultural diversity of Washington, DC: theater, concerts, sporting events, etc, but San Diego has a pretty good touring theater scene, gets most major concerts, and has the Padres and Chargers.

I’m mostly going to miss having my family so close. My mom and dad are about 2 hours west of DC and my mother-in-law actually works downtown. It was awesome having them so close all summer. However, we ultimately remembered why we left the area to begin with and will just have to make an extra effort to fly back a few times a year to visit. San Diego’s weather and lifestyle just suits us to well to pass up.

What’s Next?

Over the next several weeks my wife and I are going to be RVing – heading west to San Diego. We’ll finally take a new route across the country, which I’m really excited about. We’re looking at cutting though West Virginia and Kentucky on I-64 on the way to Saint Louis. Missouri is one of the few states I haven’t been to, so I’ll be happy to finally cross that one off my list. From there we’ll shoot across Kansas on I-70 heading west for Denver where we’ll spend at least a week taking in the sights before heading south on I-15 towards Las Vegas and finally San Diego.

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  1. Good Luck Mike!!! Keep in touch.


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