37 days away from home

Well, I just arrived back in Las Vegas, NV after being gone for 37 days. We left exactly one week before Thanksgiving in our newly acquired 43′ Beaver Contessa Westport motorhome and it was a great learning experience.

We visited 15 states during our trip, covered almost 6,000 miles, stopped to see 13 different friends, pumped over 800 gallons of diesel fuel, and visited 11 different campgrounds. This trip was really preparation of our long summer journey to Alaska. I figured it was a good idea to get a preliminary trip in before being gone 6 months and I’m really glad I did so. Here are just a few things I learned:

1. I have to figure out a way to bring my computer chair with me. It’s an Herman Miller Aeron Chair and I just can’t work without it.

2. We have to tow a car with us. We did this trip without a car and really realized all the places we can’t fit with a 43′ bus. Simple things like grocery stores become a challenge without a car.

3. Driving more than 250 miles in a day sucks when driving such a big vehicle.

4. We need to stay in each place for at least a week. The point of having the motorhome is to see new places and explore. It’s hard to do that while averaging 200 miles per day. During our summer trip we are going to drive 200-300 miles, park for a week, then repeat.

5. I really hate cold weather. We spent at least 2 weeks of the trip in areas of the country where it went below freezing at night. Now I remember why I moved someplace warm.

6. I need to figure out a way to be active while on the road. I just took a walk tonight with the dog and it almost felt like my legs needed to be trained again on how to walk. Hopefully since we’ll be in each spot longer I can spend more time being active and less time sitting behind the wheel.

7. Internet access is way less reliable on the road than I hoped. We got a Verizion wireless card, but it’s not nearly as fast as the Internet we have at home. The other downside is that while most parks offer free Internet, it really sucks. I’m not sure what the solution is for this, but it’s something we need to work out before leaving this summer.

I know there is more, but I’m way to worn out right now to think of them. I’ll make a follow up post later.

You can read about our journey at RV Road Trips.


  1. Hi Mike – Just reading through your blog. I know you live in Vegas and collect RV domains and sites. I actually own the domain rvvegas.com. Are you interested in buying it or trading it for one of your premium domains?

    • That’s a great domain, but I have my hands full with rvparks.org. I’m in the middle of developing that right now. Maybe once that’s done I’ll hit you up.


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