A fun game over dinner

During our RV trip earlier this month we stopped in Dallas, TX for two days to spend some time with friends. I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I wanted to elaborate on something that happened in particular while we were there.

First, I want to thank our friends for driving us around Dallas while we were in town. We didn’t have a car with us, so we felt kind of helpless. It was a good lesson learned, and the #2 item on my list of things we realized during our inaugural RV trip – WE MUST BRING A CAR WITH US. We’re set to get our Honda CR-V setup for towing next week, so that won’t be an issue on future trips.

Anyway, back to the point. One night we went out to dinner at this Mexican restaurant in downtown Forth Worth. Evidently it’s a pretty famous place and it was well worth the 40 minute drive. Even at 9pm there was still a line for this very unique place that only had two things on the menu. Your options were fajitas or enchiladas. I ordered one dish and my wife got the other – both were amazing.

Over dinner my friends introduced us to a neat game I’ve never played before. I’m not sure what the name of it is, but the objective is to pick 5 people that would be at an imaginary dinner. Then you get the waitress to vote on which meal she would rather go to. The waitress can’t mix and match from the lists; it’s one or the other. There are also a couple of rules of who you can pick. You must pick one person from each of the following categories: living sports figure, living pop icon, dead pop icon, living political figure, dead political figure. I’m sure you could alter the categories from time to time, but this was the requirement we had.

The interesting thing about this game is you need to evaluate the particular waitress and pick people you think she would want to be with. Since our waitress was in her early 20’s we went with the following people: John Lennon, Tony Romo, Barak Obama, Justin Timberlake, Jesus. Our competition picked Dean Martian, Martin Luther King, Angelina Jolie, Barak Obama, and Tony Romo. Since we had 2 overlapping people, we had to win it based on our other 3 unique choices.

For any of you who know me well, you know I’m really competitive. I don’t like to lose at anything, so naturally we needed to put a wager on the game – loser paid for dinner. Since the waitress was in her early 20’s I figured there was almost no chance she even knew who Dean Martin was. I also figured she would cut her finger off to have dinner with Justin Timberlake. I was right – SHIP IT!

What came next was kind of spooky. Since the place only took cash, my friend had to head to the in-house ATM to pay for dinner. She got $200 out of the ATM and placed it on the table folded. Check out the picture below. Written on the edge of the top bill was “Mike J.” My initials. How totally randomly weird is that? What are the odds of someone writing Mike J on a bill? Then, what are the odds of that exact bill being the top one of 10 bills that someone got out of an ATM at that exact moment and placed on the table like that. It was soooo weird.

Money with my name on it

Money with my name on it


  1. Hi – Do you remember what year that $20 bill was printed? I’m also a Mike J, and when I young I used to “mark” my money before I put it in the bank. I’m not sure why I did it – something about being proud of earning the money. That totally looks like my hand writing too …

    • The fact that there is even a chance that this was your bill is freaky to me. The odds of me finding a bill like that are 1:billion. The odds of the person who wrote on it one day reading this article and then commenting on it?

      I don’t know what year it was. I only took a picture of the back.


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