A Texas Sized Move

Since starting this blog in September of last year, this is by far the longest I’ve gone without posting on my blog and many of you might be wondering why…..

For those of you who know me, you know that I’m notorious being making major life decisions within a matter of days. Sometimes this can get me into trouble, but overall I think it’s been a good quality. People who hem and haw simply can’t be as successful in life as those who can make quick decisions. When I do make a decision, I like to go jump into that with both feet and put every ounce of effort I can into that.

A New Partner For Terran Marketing

So, when the opportunity came up to take on a new partner in Terran Marketing with someone I’ve been trying to figure out a way to work with for a number of years, I jumped at the opportunity. My new partner, Jim Varnon, is a great family man who has some impressive business successes to his credit. I first met Jim in early 2006 when we started discussions to purchase his rakeback site, This Is The Nuts. Jim was looking to sell the site post UIGEA and get into something else. In May of 2006 we completed the transaction and his next endeavor was joining CardRunners where he was quickly promoted to COO. During his tenure there, Jim was able to take an already great product and make it into the industry standard it is today. In conjunction with CardRunners, Jim also is the CEO of Hold’em Manager. Hold’em Manager is the most successful online poker tool in the market place and he has been instrumental in its success. Furthermore, he’s also been working on a major new release that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and it’s nothing short of impressive. Finally, while working on all this, Jim has been working on a new product completely outside of poker that I can’t talk about yet. However, what I can say is that I’m very impressed with this product and it will undoubtedly be an industry game-changer when it launches later this year.

There are several reasons I think Jim will be a great fit with Terran Marketing:

Work Ethic: Jim is one of the few people I know who is willing to work as hard, if not harder than I am. Having someone who is dedicated to this degree is important to any business’ success, especially a rapidly growing small business.

Ability To Manage: One of Jim’s greatest strengths is the ability to manage several people and projects at one time. Since this is one of my weaknesses, I think Jim will be a great compliment to the business and allow us to scale the business in ways I simply couldn’t do on my own.

Experience: Jim has 7 years experience running affiliate websites, affiliate programs, product websites, dealing with customer support, designing great websites, etc. The bottom line is he just “gets it”.

Trustworthy: One of the hardest things to find these days is someone who is trustworthy to the core. There is an old saying that “When you squeeze someone you find out what’s really inside”. There are very few people I trust at the same level as Jim – that’s important to me.

Sounding Board: Finally, Jim is a great sounding board to talk to about ideas, projects, concerns, etc.

What This Means For Me Personally

The good news is that I found a great new partner, the bad news is this means the end of our RV trip and a move to Dallas. In typical fashion, from the time we started talking about this to the day I arrived in Dallas was just over two weeks. Jim flew up to Seattle a couple weeks ago to discuss this with me and we hashed out the details over the next couple of days. I was prepared to head directly to Dallas from there, but we had some personal and business commitments in Vancouver the 10 days following our meeting. So, once our meeting in Vancouver was over we managed to drive 600 miles a days for 4 days straight and arrived in Dallas earlier this week. The next day we looked at 13 houses and put an offer on one which we’re still awaiting the outcome of. Hopefully we’ll have an answer on that early this coming week.

What This Means For Terran Marketing

Terran Marketing was already growing at a pretty good rate, but having Jim as a partner will allow us to grow exponentially over the next few months. We already purchased a few other domain names that I’m really excited about (to be disclosed later). We’re also evaluating about 50 other names and hope to close on a couple of them later this month. Finally, we are looking to take on several partners in the domain name space. We’ve already run into several people who own valuable keyword domains that are willing to allow us to develop the domain for a percentage of the profits. We are being very careful on which projects we take on in this regard and have strict criteria on the names we will consider. All the names we are looking at are .com keyword domains with no dashes or numbers. We are also looking for names that can be easily monetized and have a minimum of 10,000 exact searches. We are close to a deal with 2 people in particular that I’m really excited about. I hope to be able to post about these within the next few weeks.


  1. Ah sounds like things are moving fast, and now you can catch some games in Dallas 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more details and I bet these will all be interesting projects.

    Best of luck!


  2. Awesome man. I’m jealous. Sounds like you are nice position and in a great spot for tons of growth. Not sure how you could just up and move like that, but good luck Mike. You are in a position I hope to be in in a couple years.



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