Addicted to Whole Foods

I think it’s pretty much official at this point; I’m addicted to Whole Foods. The thing is there just isn’t a lot of other alternatives out there in the Las Vegas area if you want to buy healthy / organic food. Their prepared foods section also is superior to any other grocery store. They have a ton of prepared vegan foods as well as other stuff I like to eat. Today’s trip to Whole Foods racked up another $120 bill. The sick thing is we walked out with just three small grocery bags. I said it was good – not cheap.

It was a pretty typical shopping trip for us. We picked up a lot of fruits and veggies as well as a whole pasteurized chicken. The pasture chickens aren’t cheap, but they are free range and organically fed. No hormones, no antibiotics, and they roam around in fresh air like nature intended. When you compare them to a Purdue chicken, or some other brand like that, you can really see the difference. I mean actually see the difference. The color of the meat is a different color and when you cook it up the taste is so much better.

I also hit the prepared foods bar to grab dinner for tonight. The menu included a vegan curry garbanzo soup, a spicy salmon hand roll with brown rice, and a tuna roll with brown rice. Dessert was a bowl of strawberries with some organic blueberry almond granola sprinkled over it. I also picked up some stuff for lunch tomorrow which includes some broccoli robe with garlic and olive oil, sweet potato with chili sauce, and a white bean and spinach salad.

The only problem with Whole Foods is that I buy more food than I really need sometimes and I definitely eat more than I should. It’s just that the food is soooo good and I’m constantly looking forward to the next bite.

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  1. Whole foods is about 15 miles from my house but I still make it there about three times a week. One snack you might want to consider (assuming there is a Trader Joe’s near you and you like dark chocolate) is Dark Chocolate Edamame. They are very good and not too bad for you.


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