DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket

We just had DirecTV installed with the NFL Sunday Ticket package. I’m sure you’ve seen all the commercials for their “5 months free” package and that’s what we went with. It’s a pretty good deal when you consider NFL Sunday Ticket goes for about $300 each year alone. We also have their Premier package for the next five months which comes with every single movie channel they have.

I really think that DirecTV is the best service out there. Their hardware is by far the best in the business. Their box and guide are very easy to use and operate very quickly. They also have an amazing selection of HD channels along with every imaginable sports channel.

The main selling point for me though is the NFL Sunday Ticket. While I’m not sure how them having the exclusive rights to NFL Sunday Ticket isn’t a monopoly, the truth is I’d rather have DirecTv anyway. When you add in the NFL Sunday Ticket to go thing they have now, it’s just awesome.

I spent the entire day Sunday on the sofa watching all the NFL games, mostly via the RedZone channel. I also had another game going via my laptop along with my Yahoo stat tracker for my fantasy football game. I’m 2-2 so far this year, but give myself almost no chance at making the playoffs. I had two starting receivers who had a total of 1.7 points between them, I have no depth on my bench, and can only win by luck. Unless something major happens I’ll be on the outside looking in come week 15.

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