Excitement in the West

Admittedly I’m not really a big baseball fan; it’s kind of like watching paint dry to me. It’s the slowest paced game of the major sports and the season seems to last all year. However, when it comes time to the post season I gain interest especially if one of my home teams are in the playoffs. I consider my home teams from Washington, DC and San Diego, CA. So, I root for the Redskins, Wizzards, Nationals, Capitols, Chargers, and Padres.

The Padres had what seemed to be an insurmountable lead a few weeks ago in the NL West, but the wheels came off heading into the final stretch. They went into this weekend’s final three game series against the San Francisco Giants needing a sweep just to stay alive. After their dismal performance the past couple weeks, that seemed like a certain uncertainty.

Well, not only have they won their last two games, but Atlanta lost their last two games too. So, they are now one game behind the Giants in the NL West and tied with the Braves for the NL Wildcard going into the final game. Both the Braves and Padres play tomorrow afternoon, with the Braves game up first. If the Braves lose, then the Padres know going into tomorrow’s action that with a win they are in the playoffs. If the Braves win, then it gets interesting. That would require the Padres to win just to stay alive.

Tomorrow is going to be an amazing sports day. I’ll be watching football with my newly acquired NFL Sunday Ticket on multiple devices while piping in the Slingbox feed from our CA house to keep an eye on the baseball games.

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