Here, there, and everywhere

My wife and I had a wonderful 2 weeks out in San Diego the past couple of weeks. We headed back home to Las Vegas on Monday afternoon and made record time during our trip. Since we didn’t stop a single time, we were able to make it door to door in exactly 4 hours. When I was younger, it was very routine to make a 4 hour road trip nonstop, but with an 85lb dog in the back of the car it’s kind of hard. He normally gets restless after 2-3 hours and needs to go out for a walk. However, this trip he was passed out the entire time and our bladders held up, so we pushed right on though.

My stay in Las Vegas was rather short (less than 24 hours), as I hoped on a plane to Costa Rica early Tuesday morning. The trip down was uneventful until the last few minutes when the turbulence kicked in. It’s quite common to hit rough air and / or air pockets this time of year. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of landing in Costa Rica at the tail end of the rainy season you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m just happy that we got here safe and even landed at all. It’s not uncommon to be diverted to another airport when they just can’t see the runway though all the fog.

Since I got here Tuesday night, it has been raining almost nonstop. I’m not talking about an on again off again kind of rain. This has been a nonstop downpour. At one point yesterday the Central Valley of Costa Rica got more rain in a 12 hour period than they normally do the ENTIRE month of November. This is a month that normally gets a lot of rain too. It caused massive flooding, landslides, and major problems in the area. There was even an entire chunk of mountain / hillside that fell off last night killing several people just a few miles from our house.

Besides that, the trip has been good and I’m looking forward to getting back home tomorrow. It will be nice to see my wife, get back to dry land, and catch up with some co-workers who land a couple hours before me. They are coming to town to cover the November 9 action at the Rio. I’m looking forward to seeing who the next WSOP champion will be!

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