How do people eat this shit?

So, I stumbled across the video below a couple of days ago and thought I would share it with you. To set up what you are about to see, basically someone bought a McDonalds hamburger and left it out for six months. They didn’t put it in the fridge, they didn’t put it in the freezer, they just left it out on the counter. Six months later the hamburger looked exactly the same.

YouTube Video – This isn’t food

A McDonalds hamburger from 1996

I do my best to avoid fast food at all costs, but after seeing this I think the deal is sealed. Normally once or twice a year I’ll end up eating McDonalds just out of pure desperation. I’ll be at the airport or some road trip with nothing else to eat and no other choice. I’ll eat a few nuggets or a burger just to make the hunger pains go away. However, after seeing this I’m pretty sure that even if i haven’t had food in 3 days I wouldn’t eat it again.

The problem with this country is the lack of education on the food we eat. Most people know that fast food isn’t good for them, but they don’t know that it’s actually bad for them. Every time you eat fast food you are doing irreparable harm to your body. It might even be worse than smoking. There is zero nutritional content to this food. It’s basically poison.

Everyone gets a vote three times a day that can effectively fix this problem. McDonalds doesn’t get any of my business and makes $0 off me. You can be the next person to effect change.

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