How important are Google’s rankings?

How important are Google rankings?

When I purchased back in October, it was ranking towards the top of page 4 for my main keyword “wordpress themes” in Google. Since then, I’ve been doing a lot of on page optimization and adding lots of content. I’ve been able to work my way up towards the top of the second page now where I find myself in position 13. For some reason I actually do better in Google UK where I find myself in position 8.

Now that I’m on the cusp of getting to the first page for my key term in Google, I decided to have a little fun and calculate how much traffic I can expect. According to Google’s keyword tool, “wordpress themes” gets searched about 823,000 times per month.

There have been several studies about how many clicks you can expect from each ranking position in Google. My numbers are simply a compilation of several studies. I’ve been using the numbers below for quite some time. I plugged in how my visitors I can expected based on the 823,000 searches Google tells me I can expect.

Traffic I can expect for my key term

Google Position Percentage of Traffic Monthly Traffic
1 42.1% 346,483
2 11.9% 97,937
3 8.5% 69,955
4 6.1% 50,203
5 4.9% 40,327
6 4.1% 33,743
7 3.4% 27,982
8 3.0% 24,690
9 2.8% 23,044
10 3.0% 24,690
11 1.1% 9,135
12 0.85% 6,996
13 0.70% 5,761
14 0.57% 4,691
15 0.48% 3,950
16 0.39% 3,210
17 0.33% 2,716
18 0.28% 2,304
19 0.27% 2,222
20 0.29% 2,387

Download My Traffic and Revenue Estimator

I created a handy file to estimate your traffic and revenue for your key term. Simply input the amount of searches the Google Keyword Tool estimates, the percentage of traffic you feel you can convert (I normally use .5%), and your average CPA. The Excel sheet will do the rest of the work for you.

Traffic and Revenue Estimator

How Important Is a Top Ranking?

As you can see from this data, having a top ranking for your key term is unbelievably important. Achieving the top ranking will yield you 3.5 times more traffic than just the second position. When comparing position 10, it’s over 14 times the traffic. Think getting to the second page is good enough? Well, think again. The average position on page 2 gets 100 times less traffic than number one ranking.

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