I have traffic! And SPAM!

When I launched my blog a couple of weeks ago I didn’t think it would get much, if any, attention. However, the traffic stats have been quite surprising so far. It looks like I’m getting about 30 unique visitors per day. That’s nothing to write home about, but it’s certainly more than the 1-2 I was expecting (1 for me and 1 for my mother from time to time).

When you break the results down by country the results are a little less impressive. Since I don’t know anyone in the Russian Federation, I’m going to chalk those visits up to people looking to SPAM (or to hack) my blog. The same goes for China. However, I’ll take the 468 visits from the USA, 35 from Canada, and 6 from the UK. Also, a special shout-out to my peeps in Costa Rica for stopping by 19 times. Here are the results broken out:

Country / Unique Visits / Percentage

CANADA 35 5.51
CHINA 27 4.25
COSTA RICA 19 2.99

The other interesting thing is I just found out that my name “Michael Jackness” gets searched about 25 times a month according to Google’s keyword tool. I find it interesting that this many people are looking for me around the world. I have a feeling that a lot of it has to do with the lawsuit that I’m currently involved in though. I kind of touched on that a little bit in this post.

Finally, I’m proud to report that I got my first SPAM today. It was someone leaving a BS comment on one of my posts with a link to their website. In an age of Akismet and people manually approving comments, you would think people would just give up this practice. I guess not.

Happy weekend everyone.

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