New Theme For My Blog – Thesis by DIY Themes

For those of you who have been keeping up with my blog, you might remember a post I made a few months ago about WordPress Themes. It’s a website I purchased for my new company, Terran Marketing, and I’ve been learning a lot about themes since then. In fact, I’ve reviewed close to 200 themes now and it’s been a real eye opener. It’s become very clear to me that one theme is heads and shoulders above the rest – Thesis by DIY Themes.

Thesis is a fully customizable theme that is installed on over 30,000 websites; I’m now one of those websites. In my case I wanted a 2 column layout with my content column at 600px and my sidebar at 300px. I also wanted a very clean look with 2 full posts along with excerpts for 8 more posts. With Thesis it was a snap.

The great thing about this theme is that I can grow with it as my blog continues to evolve. I plan on adding a lot more content to my blog about SEO, business, and marketing. Normally I would be searching for a new theme each time my needs changed. With Thesis it’s just a few clicks to change things up.

The other great thing about the Thesis theme is its built in SEO options. Normally I install the All In One SEO plugin on all my sites, but with Thesis it becomes obsolete. The only downside is now I need to go back though my old posts and update my SEO data before I can remove All In One from my blog.

If you have a WordPress site, do yourself a favor and checkout the Thesis Theme. You won’t regret it!