Southern Californian Community Supported Agriculture

I’ve written about Community Supported Agriculture before – When I was in Las Vegas this past fall I joined a CSA via Quail Hollow Farm. It was a really great experience and the weekly food delivery became one my favorite moments each week. The CSA exposed me to several foods I would never purchase in a grocery store. Things such as okra, Swiss chard, and radishes are just a few examples of this. The only problem with the CSA is my frequent travel schedule. The produce from the farm doesn’t stop growing just because you’re out of town. It becomes very uneconomical to miss food deliveries.

Since we’re out in Southern California for the next several weeks, arguably the Mecca for fresh produce and CSA’s, I set out to find a CSA that would meet our needs. It’s unusual to find a CSA that will allow you to join for anything less than a season, which is typically 13 weeks. However, with the help of I was able to locate JR organics. Luckily for us they offer a four week CSA trial. I would have preferred a solution that would have subscribed us for our entire seven-week stay, but I will settle on the four weeks.

Since I didn’t subscribe to the CSA until late Monday night I suspect my first delivery won’t be until Wednesday, January 19th. However, I might get lucky and get our first food delivery Wednesday, January 13th.

JR organics lists all their past box contents on their website. Their delivery for last week, January 4th, was lettuce, arugula, peas, hard squash, bell peppers, Swiss chard, kale, bunching onions, beets, avocados, and apples. All these items are 100% organic and fit perfectly within my modified vegan diet.

As soon as I get my first delivery I will post a follow-up blog about my experience.


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