Terran Marketing Purchases OnlineDegree.com

I’ve been touting some new purchases for Terran Marketing and I’m excited to finally be able to make a post about one. As the title of this post suggests, our latest purchase is OnlineDegree.com. This is a great play in the ever expanding online education space and we hope to develop a game-changing type site with this one.

By The Numbers

The numbers in this sector are quite impressive especially when you consider the CPCs are in the $30.00 rage. These are some of the highest CPCs I’ve ever seen, and certainly the highest CPCs for anything in our portfolio now. To compare, Website Hosting has a CPC in the $12.00 range, so this is almost a full 3x more than that.

In regards to search volume, “online degree” gets a meager 14,800 exact global searches each month, but is accompanied by 1,220,000 broad searches. So, there are an insane amount of long-tail searches to capture out there. Things like “Online Degree Programs” and “University Online Degree” should be fairly easy to rank for.

What Did We Pay

We didn’t get a paid appraisal on this one, but EstiBot.com values this domain at $621,000. I personally think that is really high, but we did get some advice from several other people. The general consensus was that this domain is worth a solid $200,000+; we were able to pick it up for $120,000. We closed this deal though Sedo.com, so you should see this sale pop up on Domain Name Journal’s website in the top 25 next week.

Next Steps

As with all of our projects, our initial focus will be to create some very premium content and work on an initial design. We should have the domain live later this week and start posting our first content pieces after that. From there we hope to have the initial design up by the end of August.

I should be able to post about another purchase later this week as well.


  1. How do you calculate the cpc? Thanks.

    • DMan – I use the google Keyword tool to get the average CPC. You can do this by signing in and adding that column or using the traffic estimator.

      • hi just like to say that I am honestly very proud of you by selling the domain Onlinedegree.com.

        The domain name which I’m holding in Onlinevat.com, do you think I have potential in selling my domain and how can I sell this for a big value.

  2. Looks an awesome acquisition… Good luck with it!

  3. Very nice pickup again!

    • Thanks Randy. We think we hit a homerun with this one. Only time will tell.

  4. Judging by your recent acquisitions/projects, I’m sure you are going to turn this one into a successful website or a very good flip!

    Best of luck.

    • Sameh, Thanks for your positive comment. We aim to turn it into a successful website, but if the right offer comes along we will evaluate it.



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