Time To Cut The Cord?

Over the past couple of years I’ve been reading a lot about people who have been “cutting the cord” and I think it’s time I become one of those people. Back in October 2013, we moved into a new house in Escondido, California. When we first moved in the only Internet service available was from Cox Cable. Within a few weeks I was seriously wondering if we a mistake buying this house, because the Internet service was just that awful. I was getting so desperate I was considering using a hot spot for Internet service in my own home. Streaming was out of the question irregardless. A hot spot was looking like the only alternative, so I could at least get some work done.

Just as I was reaching my tipping point with the horrible Internet service, we got a letter in the mail notifying us the AT&T Universe was finally in our neighborhood. I couldn’t sign up quick enough; our Internet troubles became distant memories. We signed up for a package getting us top tier Internet speeds and just about every channel they offer for right around $130 a month. I think that’s pretty reasonable. That was about one year ago, and evidently this was only introductory pricing. This month our bill skyrocketed to $242.59! I’m not sure who can justify almost $250 for Internet and television service each month, but it sure is NOT us.

To prepare for cutting the cord, I ordered a Roku 3 set top box and an amplified HDTV antenna. My plan is to use the antenna to watch live TV and use the Roku 3 for everything else. After quite a bit of research the only thing I’m not going to be able to get with this combination (that I will miss) is the NFL Red Zone channel. In years past, this was a deal breaker for me, but I’m willing to let it go now. Once I get the Roku box I plan on signing up for Hulu plus, Sling TV, and HBO. That will bring my total to $42 a month for all the TV I could possibly need. Adding this to the $57 Internet package I plan on keeping, it will bring my grand total to $99 a month. That’ll be a savings of almost $150 a month, or $1800 a year. In the end I can’t justify paying $1800 a year just to be able to watch the NFL Red Zone Channel. With any luck the NFL we’ll catch up with times an offer NFL Red Zone to Internet only subscribers.

We’ll see how it goes…

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