Just Like That – We Have A House!

A few days under the 2 month mark from when we first arrived in Dallas, I can finally say we have a home. We closed on the house late in the day Thursday and got to spend the night here for the first time yesterday. Even though the house is completely empty (with the exception of a couple things we purchased from the previous owners) it was a great feeling sleeping in our own home last night.

This is the first time my wife and I have owned a home together since we’ve been married – that is actually ours, and only ours. When we lived in Costa Rica we were living in a company owned house that had a lot of foot traffic from others living on the property. In Cayman we were just renting a condo. Since we moved back to the US, we’ve basically been nomads living in furnished rentals or our RV. To say the least, we’ve been all over the place for the past several years and it feels great to finally be settled somewhere.

Now that we have the house we’re faced with the overwhelming task of furnishing it. We have a few things on order and some personal items coming from out west, but that will only fill 20% of this place. We pretty much need everything from dining room furniture to guest room furniture. From patio furniture to office furniture. It’s going to be a big task.

The good news is that we absolutely love this house. The floor plan is simply amazing. It’s the only house we saw that had a 3rd floor, which I’m nicknaming the observatory. The views from up there are simply amazing. The best part is the space (on the 3rd floor) is functional;. it’s a perfect place to put my home office. This is basically our dream house and I’m not sure what I woud change even if we could. The main selling point of the house is the views and location on the golf course. I never thought I would purchase a home on a golf course, but this house is a true gem. Normally with a golf course home you have people walking by your windows all day long, hitting golfballs into your house, or even walking into your yard – not with this house. We are situated on the water – a large pond – far from the playing surface. It would be nearly impossible to hit our place with a golfball and would require a boat to visit our yard. The entire back of the house is floor to ceiling windows, all with expansive views of the water and golf course. It’s simply amazing. The icing on the cake is the peninsula that shoots off our backyard. It’s a perfect place for a patio set and it feels like an oasis at an expensive resort.

To my loving wife: welcome home baby.


  1. Congrats to you and Michele! Sounds like you found the perfect dream home. Can’t wait to see pictures!!

    • Thanks very much Cindy. Hope all is well. I’ll get a couple of pictures on Facebook now…

  2. The house looks nice on FB, but this…
    “It would be nearly impossible to hit our place with a golfball”….I’m betting you get surprised, lol !

    • Roger – Hey man – good to hear from you. I hope everything is going well. In regards to the golfballs, I think you’re right. I just found one about 7 feet from the house yesterday. I guess it’s only a matter of time.

  3. Welcome Home! Maybe you can get some golf lessons now.

    • Jim – I think when it cools down a bit I’ll do just that. I already have a set of golf clubs. I just need to put them to good use.

  4. Just wow my man! I just saw the pics and it is simply amazing! Its a dream home for sure! The view is amazing and the golf course near by but not “in the way” is prefect.

    I recently took up playing golf and the local course has some houses right next to the fairway, I even hit a couple last time I played there. I felt bad, but they had to know its a risk to buy a home there lol

    Anyway, the house is simple beautiful guys, enjoy it!


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